The LHSSA Archives is funded by LHS Alumni Donations


The Archives impressive curated collection is in need of funding from LHS Alumni to continue serving Lincoln High School students and our community. Without alumni donations, we will no longer be able to operate and maintain the collection of 152 years of Lincoln High School history for future generations education and historical enrichment.

Please support the Archives by submitting the  LHSSA Archives Online Donation Form

~Thank you for contributing to LHSAA preserving LHS history~

The Lincoln High School Alumni Association's foundation for the LHS Archives maintains a dynamic collection of materials that cultivate academic and educational research to enrich community interest through public access, use, and relevancy. The LHSAA Archives seeks to instill an appreciation for the past and create connections with the future through active work with the next generation.

The LHSAA Archives was established to preserve the heritage and history of the public education institution of Lincoln High students, alumni, and the community.