The Marie Allen Service Award Scholarship

The Marie Allen Service Award was established by the LHS 1975 Senior Class in honor of Mrs. Allen upon her retirement for her dedication to Lincoln High School spanning 27 years as a physical education teacher, athletics coach, Student Leadership Advisor, and Activities Director. Mrs. Allen was recognized state-wide for her exceptional work directing student government for over two decades. This scholarship is awarded at the Senior Graduation Ceremony to a Senior student who has demonstrated outstanding service representing their class.

The Ruth Arbuckle Elde Toly Scholarship 

Established in 2018 by Elde V. [Bud] Toly, LHS Class of 1956, in honor of Ms. Arbuckle, LHS Class of 1921, for her six decades of dedication to LHS students as an English Teacher and Senior College Counselor in addition to her national recognition from higher education admissions panels for exceptional work preparing and guiding students with planning their high school postgraduate education and work. This scholarship is awarded to the Senior student who has sustained overall academic interest, thoughtful concern for others, and a warm regard for Lincoln High School. Priority consideration is given to students applying to an Oregon public college or university.

The Asa I Arnsberg Scholarship

Established in 2018 by Susan Arnsberg Diamond, LHS Class of 1957, as President of the Arnsberg Family Foundation, and Robert L. Arnsberg, LHS Class of 1960, as the Foundation's Board Director, in honor of their father, Asa Arnsberg. This scholarship is awarded to a student who depends on financial assistance and has demonstrated the desire to pursue a higher education degree and achieved the academic standards to apply to a two-year or four-year college or university in Oregon.

Cardinal STEM-Dickey Scholarship

In 2012, Sally Hathaway, LHS Class of 1954, established the Cardinal STEM-Dickey Scholarship in honor of her cousin, Lyle Dickey, LHS Class of 1947. A skilled math and economics student and a national record holder in the pole vault while attending Oregon State University, Lyle Dickey is also remembered for his work on NASA’s Apollo 11, the first manned space capsule to the moon during his Navy career in the 1960s, This scholarship is awarded to a senior who has demonstrated interest and excellence in either science, technology, engineering, math, or economics.

Jean Ann Cheshire Scholarship 

Established in 2023 by her son Terry Cheshire, LHS Class of 1974, in honor of his mother for her 26-year career teaching physical education, coaching boys and girls athletic State and PIL Champion teams, serving as Athletic Director at Lincoln from 1965-1991, and her induction into the PIL Hall of Fame in 1992. The Jean Ann Cheshire Scholarship is awarded to a well deserving graduating senior who requires financial assistance and a desire to pursue a career in education.

Bertha Hunter Language Scholarship

The Bertha Hunter Language Scholarship was established in 2007 by Rex (Jim) Bates, LHS Class of 1941, in honor of Ms. Hunter’s outstanding teaching of Latin, French, English, and Mathematics from 1923 until 1952 to Lincoln High School students. This scholarship is awarded to the Senior student who has demonstrated exemplary interest in learning and mastering language as determined by the Lincoln High School Foreign Language Department.

LHSAA Leadership Award Scholarship

Each year the Alumni Association presents this award to a student who has demonstrated and shows exceptional leadership potential, both at Lincoln and in the greater community.

LHSAA Bill Lynch Scholarship 

Established in 2020 by the Lincoln High School Alumni Association in honor of LHS English Teacher Bill Lynch, who passed away suddenly in 2019. Mr. Lynch was awarded Teacher of the Year and represented Oregon at the Washington, D.C. ceremony. He was Highly regarded by students for his empathy, wit, intellect, and love for helping students succeed. This scholarship is awarded to a student who has demonstrated an authentic passion for studying literature and philosophy and needing financial assistance to enroll in a higher level of education institution.

Dr. Shirley Malcolm Scholarship 

Established in 2014 in honor of Dr. Malcolm for her 15 years at Lincoln High School teaching English and Humanities and for her visionary creative thinking bringing new ideas to classroom education, including creating the district’s first computerized writing lab and establishing the International Studies Center. This scholarship is presented to the Senior student who exhibits the highest integrity, love for learning, and respect for all individuals.

LHSAA Resiliency Scholarship 

Established in 2022 by the Lincoln High School Alumni Association, a scholarship was founded to provide support, resources, and encouragement to an exceptional Senior student who has shown unyielding resilience with their ability to persevere under harsh circumstances, as attested by their achievements in high school while facing incredible hardships such as homeless, foster care, lack of care and parent involvement due to parental drug or alcohol addictions, or serving the role as a caregiver to siblings for inattentive parents while yearning to continue their education at a higher level after high school.

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