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When one thinks of the broader Lincoln High School student body, you may think of students who are comfortable and come from stable homes with strong support. However, there are many students at Lincoln High School who have lived with – or are currently dealing with – significant issues that no high school student should ever have to face.

These students, whose resiliency is defined by their ability to persevere under harsh circumstances, is attested by their achievements while they are faced with incredible hardships. They are homeless, in foster care, couch surfing as a result of terminating parental care due to drug and/or alcohol addictions or serving the role of a parent as their single parent works numerous jobs at minimum wage in a daily struggle to afford rent and food.

We are talking about students who are attending Lincoln High School, so they are one of our own. They get up each day, while never knowing what that day will bring. Therefore, the Lincoln High School Alumni Association Endowment Committee is introducing the Lincoln High School Alumni Association Resiliency Scholarship for 2022 to assist those in need and provide support, resources, and encouragement, so they can go on and make a better life for themselves.

This scholarship will be unique and involve a nomination process rather than the normal student application. The nominators will be Lincoln High School employees (administrators, teachers, coaches, counselors, and other school staff). They will be provided a nomination form with two questions: Why should this student be nominated for this scholarship? And do you know of their plans beyond high school? The completed nomination forms will be sent directly to counselors for confirmation the student is projected to graduate and has plans for continuing their education or training. Counselors will replace student names with a number and remove any other specific identification in the nomination. The nomination, along with a redacted transcript, will be sent to the LHSAA Endowment Committee Chair for the selection committee. The Committee will evaluate the nomination and transcripts and select the winners. The scholarships will be $2,000.

The sad reality is this population is much larger than most of us realize – and just one student facing this is situation is one too many.

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